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We are your trusted partner for online equipment auctions. Simplify your buying and selling experience with our intuitive platform, accessible from your phone. Enjoy the freedom of selling your equipment right where it is, without incurring the expense of transporting it to an auction yard. With low commissions and transparent fees, our process is designed to be fair and straightforward. Led by our seasoned operations manager, Art Franklin, we're committed to delivering exceptional service and results for every transaction.

Let Equipment Exchange Market Your Equipment For You

At Equipment Exchange, we leverage the power of social media and targeted email marketing to maximize exposure for consignors' equipment. Through strategic campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, we engage with our extensive network of buyers, reaching potential customers who are actively seeking construction, oilfield, farming, and ranching equipment.

On Facebook, we utilize sponsored posts and targeted advertisements to reach users based on their interests, location, and behavior, ensuring that consignors' equipment is seen by the right audience.

In addition to social media marketing, we employ targeted email campaigns to connect directly with potential buyers. Our email marketing strategy includes personalized messaging, exclusive promotions, and timely reminders about upcoming auctions and featured listings.

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Our team is happy to help you if you have any questions about buying or selling your equipment.

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    Equipment Exchange’s Mission

    Equipment Exchange is owned and operated by professionals with decades of experience in the farm/ranch equipment, construction,and oilfield industries. From buying for our personal use to selling for others, we have seen it all!

    Equipment Exchange is built on integrity, reliability, and dedication to make the process of buying and selling your equipment as easy as it should be. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience and opportunity to help you grow your business!